lawWhat Happens to an Inheritance in Tennessee If There is No Will?

January 22, 2020by Bo Bankston0

In the state of Tennessee, many residents rely on a Will or a Trust to protect their estate and ensure their beneficiaries receive their promised inheritance. This document has many benefits when it comes to the probate process, as well. But, what happens if you should die without a Will?

Tennessee has intestate succession laws that direct a court on how to distribute a decedent’s estate when there is no Will in place. This makes a difficult situation for distraught and mourning family members because without a Will, family members you don’t want to receive an inheritance could get one, leaving other heirs  out in the cold – heirs you intended to receive your assets!  There are too many instances where a parent has remarried, hasn’t performed this simple task of making a Will or Trust, and the result can be life changing for that parent’s children or intended beneficiaries.

Don’t leave this to the State of Tennessee to determine who gets your assets and how they receive them.  It’s your Legacy.  Take Control.


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